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Welcome to, my personal (and professional) website. This website exists for a few purposes;

  1. to provide an online notebook to help me with planning
  2. to provide an easily ignorable soapbox for me
  3. to give me something to do when I'm not working

A lot of this website will be notes and a hodge-podge of randomness. Some of it will be under lock and key. Tough.

Johnathan Bane and his daughter, Mara Jade.

Current Articles

Brain Poos - A selection of smatterings...

Archived Articles

Dave is Bob. Don't be live Dave, or Bob.

Current Media


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Map of Faerun, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, 4th Edition

Player Characters


3.5 Edition D&D

Star Trek Roleplaying Game

5th Edition D&D

Gaming Sub-Pages

  • Sarian Campaign Setting - The campaign setting I created. Keeping it system independent, or maybe just making stats for all the systems I play. I dunno.
  • Gaming Maps - A collection of maps I have used, or will use for my games.
  • Gaming Downloads - A collection places to find software for creating gaming content, or facilitating online PNP gaming.
  • Forgotten Realms - Just my graphics and notes associated with playing in Faerun.

Pages Worth A Gander

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