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Today is Thursday, November 26, 2015 - 22:37 GMT
"He's 97% right about everything, he's just such an asshole about it." - Professor Rebecca Morrice, Slippery Rock University
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For a free sample chapter of "More Than Life Itself" click here. Sample Chapter for "More Than Life Itself"

"More Than Life Itself" is available at Lulu Publishing for $9.99. Check it out today!

Welcome to, my personal (and professional) website. This website exists for a few purposes;

  1. to provide an online notebook to help me with planning
  2. to provide a platform for my bullshit
  3. to give me something to do when I'm not working

A lot of this website will be notes and a hodge-podge of randomness. Some of it will be under lock and key. Tough.

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"More Than Life Itself"

by Nunu Hales is now available by Lulu Publishing Check it out on for $9.99 (plus shipping and handling)!

Front Cover MTLI ebook.jpg
“With love, anything and everything is possible...”
Unwilling to allow their marriage to descend into hum-drum mediocrity, Johnna and Cameron Taylor delve into the possibility of opening their marriage to other lovers. They begin a relationship with Mariska Tate; a single woman looking for more in her life.

Through sharing more than just their sexual humanity, they discover a love between the three of them that they begin to value more than life itself.

In the first novel by Nunu Hales, she pens an “alternate history” of she and her husband’s pensive entry into the world of swinging and non-monogamy.

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